Monday, March 30, 2009

One-Minute Writer-Entrepreneur

Today's OMW prompt is to write about a business that I would like to start. I wrote:

"If I had the moxie, I would start a little school where I would teach art and writing. It would also acquaint the rural area that I live in with the arts by having student shows and readings in the community, thereby encouraging others to find their talents for the arts."

You can go to the comments section of OMW to read what others dreams for starting a business are.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

One-Minute Writer-Creative

Today's OMW prompt is creative. Other than OMW, in what ways will I be creative today? I wrote:

"It's another cold, dark, and cloudy day here. I feel the urge to go back to bed. However, the urge to do my daily sketch, write a blog entry and a short story, with a little housework thrown in, is over-riding the first urge."

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One-Minute Writer-Magic

Today's One-Minute Writer topic is Magic. Tell about a magical time you've experienced. Here's what I wrote:

"It was late afternoon a couple of days ago. The sun was setting, turning everything golden. Hubby and I sat on the edge of the bed watching a herd of deer frolicking in the hayfield. They were playing tag in the sage grass, running in and out of the long shadows, flagged tails flashing. They were unafraid and so carefree for the moment.

When they tired of playing and went back to grazing we came back to the kitchen to discover a large red fox eating with the cats outside. It was a magical, awesome few minutes that only God could create."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

IMT Challenge-Ghost

This weeks challenge on Inspire Me Thursday is ghost. I posted a photo and a little written story to go with it on Moxie Blue under the same title as this post if you'd like to read it. Thanks so much for visiting and a new tale or two is on the way for Scribbles!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Fox & The Deer

I shared some photos and a story on my Moxie Blue blog last week of a large red fox that has been visiting our back yard in the late evenings, right around dusk, looking for leftover feed. He has beautiful red fur with a white underside and a white tipped bushy tail. His ears, tail, nose, and legs have black accents. He looks like he's wearing black knee socks.

I know there's a danger from wild critters, rabies being one possibility, but Foxy is gorgeous.

Anyway, I told you that to tell you about an amazing experience that Jim (hubby) and I had late yesterday afternoon. He went to the kitchen sink for something and happened to look out the window over the sink. "Sharon, come here! Hurry!" he said in a somewhat excited voice, trying not to talk too loud.

I said, "What is it?," not wanting to get up off the couch. I wondered what the cats or Sammidog were into now.

"It's two deer right here against the fence." he says. "Come here, quick!"

We live in the country with fields and woods connected to our narrow back yard. This is not a rare occurrance, but I got myself up and trudged to the sink to stand beside Jim as he pointed out the deer near the fence.

The low-setting sun was dancing off the field, haybarn, and the deer. Beautiful. About that time, three more deer came across the field to the front of the hay barn, and we spotted another one farther back, making six. None of them had antlers. Jim said they had already shed them for the season. Three of them were about half grown.

They were just fooling around and grazing as we continued to be fascinated by them. Jim said there must be another one, since they kept looking behind them. Eventually, they started ambling toward the hayfield beside the house, and as they did four more came out of the woods and across the field to join them. We counted at least ten in all.

The cats ignored the deer and continued to groom themselves. A couple of them did look around for a minute in a bored fashion, then went back to what they were doing.

Sammidog finally noticed them and trotted to the fence, barked a couple of times, and stood at attention with his question mark tail up for a minute watching them. Jim fussed because he thought Sammidog would scare them off, but the deer didn't move. No threat there.

Sammidog's gotten too fat to go through the fence and decided it wasn't worth the trouble to go around to get to the other side. He looked back at us through the window to see if we were watching, and came back to the porch. The deer went slowly on to the hayfield.

Jim suggested that we might could see them from the bedroom window facing the hayfield. We could. We sat on the corner of the bed and watched as they put on a show. I've seen them crossing behind the house many times, but I never saw them play like that before.

White tails flashed as the three half grown deer frolicked around in the golden colored sage grass in the field. They played deer tag as they ran and jumped around together, unafraid and carefree for the moment. They darted in and out of the shadows in flashes of soft brown fur and white flags, sunset highlights accenting them, as the mom's stood guard.

Eventually, they all came back up behind the house and started grazing again. We watched the deer for a while longer through the kitchen window, standing side by side, in awe at what we'd just witnessed.

I said, "Do you know how many people never get to witness anything that awesome? Or how many people would have seen it and never seen the beauty, but only prey to be shot down just for fun?"

Jim was as in awe as I was, and he used to hunt deer. I wish I could have gotten pictures to share. There is nothing like the wonder and beauty that God creates if we just pay attention. I'm so glad I dragged myself off the couch. I wouldn't have missed that for anything, and to share it with someone I love was just icing on the cake. I was totally blessed by the whole experience.

The sun set and it was getting dark as I went back to watching television, not near as exciting as the deer I might say, and Jim went to the bathroom. He came back to the kitchen, looked out the window, and said, "You're not going to believe this."

I said, "What now?"

He said, "The fox is back and it's out here eating with the cats."

So I guess when I first saw the fox last week and thought it was chasing a cat. It actually wasn't. The cat just happened to be running in front of it. I worried that it might be after them.

"You're kidding! It's eating WITH them?" I asked, as I started to get up again. I wanted to see this!

"It's gone now." Jim went back to looking for something to eat. "It took off when it saw me in the window."

I'm sure it came back when it felt safe. It's not afraid of Sammidog. That's for sure.

Sammidog was probably laying on the back porch with his front legs dangling off the edge watching like he usually does...unless he knows we're looking. He saves his bravery for when it matters. To impress us.

Sometimes the most awesome things happen in our on backyards. We only have to open our senses up to experience them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

One Minute Writer-Imitation

Today's one-minute writer prompt is: It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If so, who would you like to imitate, and in what way?

I wrote:

"Aside from Jesus, there are many people who have traits that I admire, but I'm old enough now that I just want to have the courage to be a good version of myself."

Being ourselves is not an easy task. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Minute Writer--Missing

Today's One Minute Writer theme: What's missing from your life? Are you trying to find it?

"Time and organization are missing in my life. As I get older, the time goes faster and faster it seems like, and I just can't seem to find the time to get organized anymore. My house is a disaster and I can't get as much of anything accomplished as I used to. Yes, I am trying to find organization, which will also give me more time."

That's what I posted on their blog, but my dad and my mother-in-law are also missing from my life, and I miss them very much.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gift of Roses

These roses were given to me by Mama after Valentine's Day and were wrapped in yellow tissue paper and cellophane, all tied up with a golden ribbon. They are made of very thin wood. The pink ones are pretty, but yellow roses are my favorites. I haven't tried to arrange them yet. I just let them fall naturally. I kind of like them that way though.

Mama's friend, Wilma, who picked up the roses for her, gave us the vases to put them in. Mama's was similar to mine, but more of a fan shape. Isn't it pretty? I like it because it's old timey looking. I love old things. I'm very sentimental.

They looked so pretty with the sunlight streaming in through the window on them this morning that I though I'd share them with you. Have a blessed day. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cat Fight in the Making

Sketchbook doodle inspired by Melissa's technique. Check out her blog for some really fun art.

Click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the facial expressions better. They just crack me up.

The reason I've posted this on my writing blog is that hubby has just retired, and I'm hoping this is not us in a few weeks, but I might be able to write a story to go with this doodle by then. What do you think? LOL

One Minute Writer--Toast

Today's one minute writer challenge is toast. If I was at an event and had to make a toast I'd raise my glass and say:

"I raise my glass to all of those who not only believe in paying acts of kindness forward, but actually do it."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

If I Had A Store, What Would I Sell?

The One Minute Writer challenge for today is store. If I had a store, what would I sell? You only have one minute to write your answer. This is my first time participating, so I didn't use my whole minute this time, but here's what I posted:

"The store of healing, dreams,and art would be open for business, with books and music everywhere. Everyone would be welcome!"

There are some interesting answers on the Writer blog. Click on comments to read. This was fun! I'm going to do it again! :)