Tuesday, April 24, 2012


By Sharon Prater-Pope

In solitude
I am smart

I am inventive
I am brave
I am confident
I am free spirited
I am not clumsy

I am not anxious
I believe in my creativity
I am a beautiful soul
I am okay with my body
I am spiritual

I am sensual
I am a dancer
I am joyful
I am strong

I am fragile

I am a dreamer

I am one with nature

I am a child of God

I can do anything
I can be anything

I am myself.
I am fearless!

But then I’m never
Really alone... am I?


pauline said...

Sharon, i love your writing...
i love poetry that says it all
in a few well chosen words.
You are a brave woman. xoxo

Stephani Gorman said...


theartistrycollective said...

Nice poem! I love how it is self-affirming and comes back to the beginning. Have a great weekend!