Thursday, October 30, 2008

A 2nd Blog From Moi

This blog has just been started, so is still under construction. I have been doing everything on my other blog Moxie Blue, which includes my artistic endeavors, challenges, writings, etc. Somehow, all of a sudden, it doesn't seem to all work together, so I've decided to try keeping up two blogs.

Moxie Blue will still have my art related posts and pictures, and Scribbles will house any writings that I wish to share, such as journal type posts, short stories, life clips, non-fiction personal stories, thoughts, maybe occasional poems, pictures, writing related stuff, whatever I feel like sharing with you.

It may take a few days for the blog to be up and running, but thank you for stopping by for a visit and please do check back. I would love it if you would leave a comment and say hello. I really hope you enjoy reading my scribbles as much as I enjoy writing them. :)

Yes, there really is a Rabbit Hop. I've lived here all but two years of my whole life. :)

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dixie3d said...

Hello Sharon, I enjoyed reading about Rabbit Hop. I didn't know that was the community's name where you live.

Your upbringing is very similar to mine, even though I'm older than you. I was very close to my granny who lived with us from the time I was five until she died at 84 when I was in college at Freed-Hardeman.

Jim and I have been working ourselves to death, almost, making a guest bedroom out of the room that used to be my music room, first, and then my art sudio and storage area for all my art, and supplies. We moved all the stuff into a room off the living room which is just all storage now. We painted the room yesterday and today and I have been cleaning the hardwood floor. I bought a very nice bed, night stand and all the spread, skirt and shams at a yard sale. When my friend Dorothy moved to East Tennesse she gave me her really fine mattress and box springs. We are going to need this when we have company, who will be here by Thanksgiving. My sister Patsy, is coming soon, and i think Brian will be coming also. Jim's sisters, from Al. are also planning to come, but I don't know if they will spend the night.

I didn't get the floor all finished because I got too tired and needed to cook supper. We got a fresh cabbage out of the garden and I made stuffed "pigs in a blanket", and had potatoes au graten. We enjoyed our meal very much.

I'm feeling better now and guess I'll get back in there and finish the floor.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love, your friend, Dixie