Sunday, January 31, 2010

Angels Appear...

in the places you'd least expect them sometimes. Can you see her?

I took this photo of two of my favorite perfume bottles to draw, because I didn't have time to capture all the reflections and refractions in pencil, and I thought they were so pretty. I was awed to find a tiny angel hiding among them.
I did not minipulate this in any way. It is the way the light shone through the perfume (a full bottle). Isn't she beautiful?

There isn't really a story to go with these, except that my only sister-in-law, Kay, gave me the perfume on the left and Mama gave me the one on the right. Two weeks after I made these photos, right before Christmas, Kay passed away suddenly and became an angel in Heaven herself. Life is sure not the same without her, and we miss her so much.

I just wanted to share my tiny angel with you and to also let you know that I'm still out here. Hopefully, I'll do better at posting on this blog too this year, as most of my posting was done on my Moxie Blue blog this past year.

Thank you for visiting. :)