Sunday, May 13, 2012

Borrowed Things-a poem


Sharon Prater-Pope (4-29-12)

We own nothing in this life.
Not the next breath.
Not the next heartbeat.
Not our eyes.
Not our thoughts.
Not our time.
Not each other.
Not our children.
Not our families.
Not our friends.
Not our pets.
Not our land.
Not our homes.
Not our cars.
Not our bank accounts.
Not the beds we sleep in.
Not the food we eat.
Not our bodies.
Not our health.
Not our lives.
Not our creativity or talent.
Not our material things.
Not our sentimental things.
Not our memories.
Not the earth…

All on loan to us
For a lifespan,
To use and take care of while we’re here.
To be taken at any moment,
In a heartbeat.

The last breath drawn
Leaves it all behind
For others to use or abuse.
None of it ever really owned,
Only borrowed for a moment.

We go out of life
As we came in.
Naked and alone.
Bringing nothing.

Taking nothing…


Stephani Gorman said...

Oh soooo beautiful Sharon! Just perfect. Hugs, Stephani

Carolyn Dube said...

Such a wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing!

pauline said...

Sharon, this is absolutely perfect.
And i totally agree. So well said...
i love your writing. Keep posting! xoxo

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