Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tears-a poem

Sharon Prater-Pope (4-24-12)

Grief tears flow from my deepest core,
Like a waterfall with no shutoff valve.
For months they erupt from my eyes,
Glide down my cheeks, and drip off my chin,
Crashing onto my chest,
Soaking my blouse.
Memories and loss
Mix with salty water.
No turning off…

Suddenly they stop.
No turning them back on.
The pain of loss still sits in my core,
Etched forever
Like stone carvings under a waterfall,
In the crevices of my heart and mind.
Food and fat layers replace the tears,
Providing a wall of comfort and distance
From the risk of more hurt.

The walls only cause more pain…


pauline said...

i love poetry that brings me there.
That describes the familiar pain with carefully chosen words - just enough words - no more, no less. Just the necessary ones to evoke a familiar feeling. Love this. Keep writing. xoxo

Tamoonstone said...

This is so very honest and raw. A wanderfully written journey of such familiar heartache.