Wednesday, June 27, 2012


MIRRORING  (5th , and last, poem using same few words)
Sharon Prater-Pope 6-19-12

multiply living and learning

listen to life’s sounds

crawl, walk, run, fly

dance, paint, play music, sing

coherent writing
mirrors a bottled up personality


LEARNING TO WALK     (3rd poem using same few words)
Sharon Prater-Pope 6-19-12

Music soothed the drama
Coherent thinking existed
I’d answered myself
Mirrored my distant personality

I learned to walk four times;
Now I’m able to fly…

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


SOUL SOOTHING  (Poem 4 from same few words)

Sharon Prater-Pope 6-19-12

 I mirrored illusion and drama,
                                               thinking I belonged
                                                                             in solitude.

Music answered.
                        I played piano for hours
                                                             soothing my ravaged soul.
Sound existed.
                                             I was no longer alone.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


COMPLETE FLYING (Poem 2 using same few words)

 Sharon Prater-Pope 6-19-12

I asked,
Thinking I could belong,
But bottled up illusion existed,
And a self-ravaged personality.
I thought I’d known need,
Acted like a coherent being,
Liked music, played piano.
Undisguised drama answered…
Learn to walk in solitude.
Writing alone,
I fly complete.


A poem I wrote using random words written on pieces of paper, then re-arranged to form the skeleton of the poem, to which I then made adjustments from the heart. Fun! And I like the poem!

I actually wrote five different poems using the same few words. This is the first one. :)

Sharon Prater-Pope 6-19-12

I played piano alone,
                                thinking undisguised drama existed.

I thought acting distant
                                         to shake the illusion

                                                                  would soothe myself.
Music answered.

I’d need solitude…