Sunday, July 1, 2012


Two poems using a different set of words than the last five poems. I'm sure I'm giving all the literature perfectionists a fit with my poem writing, and I'm sure I'm making lots of writing mistakes, but I'm writing them in the way that I feel them and having fun with them. I have learned through several workshops that everything doesn't have to be perfect to express it from the heart. And I'm so grateful I learned that. It opened up a whole new world to me. Not perfect, but way more enjoyable! :)

Sharon Prater-Pope 6-20-12

Someone screamed,
I feel invisible!

I seek expression!

Imagine being pulled,

Turning to stone,

Accepting resistance,

Feeling emptiness.

The universe is a teacher.

Embrace life choices.

Smile Work Play Live...

STAY CURIOUS  (Poem 2 using same few words)
Sharon Prater-Pope 6-20-12

She apologized,
Sorry to fall over the empty chair.

She missed the stories and donuts;

The reason isn’t important.

You gave the beats,

To be danced like she felt.

Staying curious
Makes life special.

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Karen Smithey said...

These are wonderful. I love 'sorry to fall over the empty chair.'