Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Still Here & Happy Holidays

Just to say hello and let you know that I'm still working on getting this blog started. I'm going to have to start keeping a notebook in my hand to jot down what I want to say. I have these ideas and thoughts when I'm busy doing other things, then when I get time to write the ideas have sprouted wings and flown away.

Plus, I've gotten myself involved in a few weekly art challenges, which is great fun, it keeps me motivated, and I've met some wonderful artists. It also takes a lot of time to participate, visit blogs, and document everything with photos. I love it, but it does take time.

I have just signed up for the Creative Every Day 2009 challenge for both blogs, so that should really be a challenge. We don't have to post every day, and I already do something creative everyday, so maybe I can keep up. :)

Things are also busy, otherwise, with the animals, house chores, etc. I have let the housework pile up, and J is due home Thursday until after Christmas. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet either, well, I do have a couple of things bought. So I have a lot to do and a short time to do it, as does everyone else at this time of year. I do want to update you all on Sammidog, but I don't have time right now. Maybe later this week.

Take care. Thanks for stopping by, and check back soon. I have some illustrated flash fiction coming after Christmas, if the "Good Lord's willing and the cricks don't rise". :)

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Betty said...

Hi Sharon and thank you for visiting my blog today.

I don't know how you found me, but I am so glad you did. It's always a delight to meet another blogger from Tennessee. Do you mind telling me the name of the town where you live?

Your blog looks interesting, so I am going to add you to the list of blogs I follow if that is okay with you.

Take care and have a good week.